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The following rebates are available for eligible clients, including Medicare with a valid EPC referral from your GP, and private health insurance rebates. Please check with your GP or private health insurance provider to ensure eligibility and to receive the maximum benefit.


We welcome Medicare Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC) referrals from your GP. Medicare covers $56 per visit for treatments listed in your care plan. Any cost beyond this would be your responsibility to cover. The amount of visits you are eligible for depends on the treatment plan that has been created for you.

Private Health

If you're covered by a private health provider and have an Extras package that includes dietitan services, you can use our Hicaps machine to process your claim and pay the gap. Please note that you can either claim the cost from Medicare or your insurance, not both.


We are pleased welcome National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) clients. We are committed to providing excellent healthcare services and are here to support and assist you in achieving your health goals.

If you’d like more information about available rebates, get in touch today.

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